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DC3DInvRes - Model Menu

Visit Data

Often the data are collected in form of 2d profiles or the profiles can be extracted from the 3d data file. Then it is useful to process the data in form of pseudosections.
In the GUI the user can browse through the profiles by Previous/Next and the popup menu. On the right hand side the location of the profiles are shown, the point denotes the first electrode. The current profile is marked red. Also, the model response, error or misfit can be viewed this way. By the checkbox "fix" the colortable is forced to be identical for all profiles.

Edit Data

The Edit Data GUI can be used for prepocessing data. The data can be selected according the relations >,< and = to a defined quantity of the following fields:

  • apparent resistivity
  • error estimate
  • electrode positions in x or y
  • configuration factor k
  • IP data (if present)
  • current I (if present)
  • voltage U (if present)
  • data misfit

The button "find&show" shows the found data with red, the others are blue.
The "Statistics" button provides a histogram of the selected field.
By clicking on "Delete" the selected (red) data points are deleted from the data set.
"Show" displays the selected field, and "Close" exits the GUI.

Show Electrodes

All used electrodes are plotted as a plan view. It is useful to check the positioning particularly for non-grid profile data.

Delete Dead Electrodes

Sometimes it happens that electrodes exist in memory, which are not used anymore, e.g. after data deletion. By this option the can be removed saving forward calculation time.

Forward Calculation

Sometimes (e.g. when interactively modelling) it is useful to call forward calculation manually. The resulting forward response is displayed.

Noisify response

When creating synthetic data, it is realistic to add random errors to the data (using standard deviations).

Set response as data

This options sets the data to the values of the forward response.

Write Data

The data are saved in the above described format (including errors).

Hotkey for Write data: Shift+W

Export Res2DInv Format

The data are exported in RES3DINV format using the arbitrary electrode position feature (type=11).

Save PRO-File

The data are saved in form of 2D files and a PRO-file containing starting and ending points.